Friday, 30 March 2007

GIWUSA : Welcome to our Website

We are calling all workers to join the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA).
The Union is involved in a range of issues:
- Negotiating wages and conditions of employment
- Defending workers against unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices
- And representing workers in matters of retrenchments and many other other issues.
The Union also involves itself in negotiating retirement fund and other benefits:
-The union is a member of Hospitality and General Provident Fund
- Workers can also join a funeral scheme for the whole family
GIWUSA main principles are:
- Non-racialism
- Worker control
- Strong shop-floor organization
- Effective service of membership

GIWUSA prides itself on the effective delivery of service to the membership. We ensure effective service to membership by doing the following:
- Building strong union organization in the factories. Here our focus is on the regular education and training of the shop stewards. We also organize regular meetings with the membership in the factories. Regular factory general meetings are a corner stone of our union because through these factory meetings members are able to participate in the life of the union.
- Ensuring participation of union members in the affairs of the union. We arrange mass meetings with our membership every two months.
- Building strong union structures. Here regular meetings with shop stewards are organized to discuss union matters and factory issues and problems.